Why are projects so important?

All organizations, even those their business model is based on performing projects for customers and even those who earn value by running internal projects, always need to run projects due to the following reasons:


  • Earning profit by performing projects for customers.
  • Achieving their strategic goals and benefits.
  • Implementing organizational or performance improvement and development programs.
  • Research and development, quality improvement, innovation and creating new products and services.
  • And etc.

A simple study in various organizations and businesses shows that a huge amount of activities, financial resources, human resources and totally, their subjective and objective capitals are always engaged with performing projects.


Projects challenges and problems:

However, despite allocating a great portion of organizational capitals to projects, these two major challenges are usually inevitable:

  • Disadvantages caused by bad execution.
    Bad execution can cause irreparable damages like increasing projects time and cost and making them nonprofitable, wasting resources, decreasing customer’s and other stakeholder’s satisfaction, losing organization credit, complex and challenging contractual and legal issues, internal and external challenges and many other unpleasant consequences.
  • The inefficiency of projects and failing to achieve the desired result.
    Although the projects are the main organizational tools for achieving strategic goals, unfortunately, in many cases, despite the allocation of time, cost and effort and even good implementation, they have not attained the necessary results and the organization fails to achieve desired goals and objectives of the project implementation.

Diagnosing these issues shows that the major part of them are from several weaknesses and challenges in selection, initiation leading and executing the programs and projects like weak planning (in various levels), missing or ignoring essential steps or processes, executional problems, weak outsourcing, monitoring and controlling the work, and many other challenges in client-side (organizational and strategic) or contractor-side (executive) levels. This weakness results in wasting the time, capitals, resources and most importantly, the missing opportunities of the organization in the current competitive business world.


We will help you …

Aiming to help the projects and organizations overcome the mentioned challenges, we define the PIDclinic mission as:

Diagnosing The Problems in Projects and Project-based Organizations

and Providing Treatment Solutions.

The PIDclinic services include a variety of projects, organizations and industries with client-side (strategic and organizational project delivery) or contractor-side nature in various domains like oil & gas & petrochemistry, civil and construction, power plants, ICT, project-based and customized production industries (like steel structure, machinery and etc.), and totally all businesses, including project-based or operational (for improvement and development programs), and help them in these major domains:

  • Overcoming the projects’ challenges and solving or reducing their problems.
  • Proper selecting and efficient leading of programs and projects, in order to achieve strategic goals and creating value for the organization.
  • .Effective and optimum executing of projects aiming to decrease their time, cost and issues, increase customer’s satisfaction and project’s success ratio.

Since the fulfillment of the above objectives requires the existence of a suitable system alongside competent and capable agents, our services have been categorized in two main areas which are described in the SERVICES section:

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