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Our Mission, Core values and policies:

Solving projects problems & Helping them succeed


Our mission is:

Diagnosis, performance improvement and development of projects and project-based industries and organizations.

Relying on the knowledge, experience and new technologies, we assist the managers and organizations to overcome their projects problems and achieve their goals. We do this by identifying their challenges, weaknesses and bottlenecks, empowering them by providing appropriate and practical solutions and improving their performance and ultimately, increasing projects success ratio.

Fundamental values:

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Commitment to the client:

All plans and services based on client’s needs and demand.

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Commitment to services efficiency:

Aiming the efficiency of our services on performance improvement of the project and client through:

  • Diagnosis: All programs and services based on understanding the problems roots and client’s needs.
  • Empowerment: paying attention to increasing the knowledge and skill simultaneously. (instead of just theoretical knowledge)
  • Support: Practical assistance, support, and coaching during the work.
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Commitment to facilitating and productivity:

Simplifying the conditions and increasing the productivity in all areas for the client and company.

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Commitment to the organizational culture:

Maintaining and promoting the organizational culture, policies, intra and extra-organizational respect, and institutionalization of the ethical charter in the company.

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Commitment to continuous improvement:

Continuous improvement of knowledge, skills, processes and services in the company.

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Commitment to promoting the members:

Maintaining and promoting the dignity of the company employees and increasing their scientific and practical level.

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Commitment to social responsibilities:

Commitment to the social responsibilities, environment, professional society, and ethic codes.

We help you solve your projects’ problems and succeed.

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