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Solving projects problems
& Helping them succeed

An overview to our services and their advantages:

Aiming to help the projects and organizations overcome their challenges, our services are categorized in the two following main frameworks:


Providing diagnosis, treatment and improvement consultancy for programs and projects in various levels and formats, implementing performance development systems based on accredited international standards, and providing dedicated counseling for organizations or single projects.


Providing coaching programs, workshops, training courses and introductory seminars in various levels and different topics, formats and facilities, in order to simultaneously increasing the knowledge and skills in optimal implementation of projects management systems and processes.
03- Services- Core competency

What is our core competency

& why can we help you better?

The distinction and excellence of our services in problem solving, organizational development and value creation for them is making the following approaches in the provision of services:

03- Services- Tailored service2

Focusing on profound understanding the audience’s needs and tailoring the services based on needs.

03- Services- Knowledge+Skill2

Focusing on simultaneously increasing knowledge and skill to improve the performance in professional work.

03- Services- Continuous support

Continuous tracking and supporting, in order to maintain and enhance the effectiveness of the provided programs.

09- Advantages- 7

What will you earn from our services?

Relying on our several years of experience, expertise, knowledge and skills in various domains of program and project management in many industries and utilizing the latest practices and standards, our services will provide the following benefits to our clients:

09- Advantages- 3
09- Advantages- 3
07- About US 1- Goal
09- Advantages- 5
09- Advantages- 2

Decreasing the project’s time, cost and challenges.

Increasing the productivity and benefits for the project and organization.

Increasing the programs’ and projects’ efficiency and achieving strategic goals.

Promoting the credibility and the position of organizations in business competitive world.

Increasing customers’ and other stakeholders’ satisfaction.

06- About 7- Experience

From our professional experiences, the followings can be mentioned:

  • More than 20 years of management, consultancy, training, and executive experience with hundreds of completed projects and satisfied customers.
  • Several experiences in various industries as civil and construction, oil & gas & petro chemistry, power plants, ICT and other project-based industries, partnership and providing services to several public and private organizations and companies.
  • Official member of PMI (Project management institute, USA), IPMA, PMP certified, and many other international certifications and professional capabilities.     Find more…