10- Collaboration- Cooperation 1

Cooperating With Professional Associations and Organizations

Public and Private Sector

Undoubtedly, improving projects performance and overcoming their problems is not possible without empowering their agents. Therefore, the role and effect of the professional associations will become important more and more.

Accordingly, in line with our vision and aiming to develop our services and market, we are willing to and ready to cooperate with accredited professional associations, especially in project management field or other project-based industries and businesses for providing our services (as described in related sections in this website) to their members (individuals, companies, organizations, and projects) locally (at their region) or internationally with special conditions, prices, and facilities.

If you are interested in an efficient and beneficial cooperation for providing effective services to your members, we invite you to submit your interest via the link below. We will be rapidly in touch with you for coordinating and going forward.