Assessment & Improvement Service Package

Project Budgeting & Cost Management


Assessment and Improvement Service Package

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Service Overview:

For your ongoing project:

We will review, assess, and diagnose your current project financial status and cost management plans and give you effective comments and consultation for improving them.

In addition and more importantly, we will assist you to improve the project financial performance and achieve the desired profits.

For your new project:

We will assist you in project cost management processes, including cost estimation, budgeting and preparing the project cash flow, and monitoring and controlling the project cost and budget.

In addition, we will teach you how to manage your project’s financial progress and also, support and coach you to implement the instructions and lessons learned in your real project.


What will you gain from this service package?

Using this service package and with its wide facilities (as mentioned later):

  • If you have an ongoing project, it’s financial and cost aspect will be assessed, revised, and improved. This will improve the monetary efficiency, prevent the waste of money, and finally brings you more confidence about the project’s success and achieving your desired benefits.

  • If you are going to start a new project, it will start and run more efficiently, with less monetary challenges, and bring the desired profits for you.

  • In addition, you will get effective consultations and practical solutions for your current project problems.

Service Package Specifications:

This service package covers the following areas and topics:

  • Assessing and diagnosing the financial plan and cost management in the ongoing project and identifying potential problems and weaknesses.
  • Presenting improvement solutions.

Consulting, supporting, and coaching on:

  • Defining and estimating project costs.
  • Pricing and financial analysis and feasibility study of the project.
  • Developing the project CBS (Cost Breakdown Structure), control accounts and cost centers (For integrating with financial dept.).
  • Budgeting, and preparing the project cash flow and finance plan (Weekly or monthly).
  • Managing the cost and budget changes during the project progress.
  • Forecasting the future financial status and project cost, based on current performance and conditions.
  • Efficient cost monitoring and controlling, continuously (monthly, weekly or …) and separately based on cost centers.
  • Reporting the project’s financial status in both executive and managerial levels.

The full AISP (Assessment & Improvement Service Package) includes the following services, facilities, and features (in the related field):

  • Assessing and diagnosing the current situation, identifying potential problems and weaknesses, and providing a status report.
  • Presenting improvement solutions.
  • Performance improvement consultation for project and organization.
  • Instructions, forms, tools, procedures, and other necessary requirements and documents for planning, executing, and monitoring & controlling.
  • Tailoring the instructions and tools with the target project or organization.
  • Updating tools, processes, and instructions.
  • Training programs for optimal implementing and using the instructions and tools.
    (12 hours | in-house or online)
  • 3 Months of dedicated supporting, coaching, consulting, troubleshooting, and monitoring and controlling for properly preparing the documents and using the instructions, planning and executing the work, and finally performance improvement. (60 hours)
  • 4D support:
    • Live sessions (web conference)
    • Phone call (Skype)
    • IM (Instant Messaging)
    • Email

Based on the multi-layer CES (PIDClinic Empowering Style):

  • Project owners (clients), organizations, and companies (public or private sector).
  • CEOs, organizational top and mid managers, and deputy directors of all kind of organizations, companies, and businesses. (especially project-based).
  • Portfolio and program managers.
  • PMO managers and experts.
  • Project managers, planners and executive agents of programs, projects and project-based organizations.
  • Project planning and monitoring and controlling experts, engineers, collegians, and other project practitioners.

  • PMP (Project Management Professional, PMI, USA)
  • MBA in project management.
  • MBA Executive.
  • BS in civil engineering.
  • Diagnosis, performance improvement and development expert, consultant, and instructor for projects and project-based industries and organizations.
  • Programs and projects strategic, client-side, and executive manager.
  • Independent consultant, coach, instructor, and lecturer of seminars, professional workshops and training courses for public and private organizations and companies.
  • More than 22 years of work experience as a project management consultant and instructor, project manager, CEO, construction contractor, engineer, and etc.

CES  :  Clinic Empowering Style


Empowering audiences to overcome challenges and improve their performance
by any condition they


  • Audience assessment and service/course designing according to his/her needs and demands.
  • Focusing on audience empowerment (instead of just training) and simultaneously increasing the knowledge and skills.
  • Focusing on programs efficiency by using innovative and effective methods and instruments as CES (Clinic Empowerment Style) like:
    º Multi-layer empowering: Including: Training + Review + Coaching + Counseling.
    º 4D SUPPORT: Including: Ticketing & Instant chat + Phone + Web conference + In-house.
  • After course support and advisory.
  • And many more…
  • Services will be provided in English and mostly remote (online.).
  • Training programs will be provided in CES (Clinic Empowering Style) format with the specifications listed.
  • PIDclinic programs and services usually have specific discounts, special offers, vouchers, and other payment facilities. For more information about the special offers and other programs’ details, follow the or directly contact the PIDclinic empowering department.


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Project Budgeting & Cost Management  AISP

Assessment & Improvement Service Package

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Investment Summary

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Project Budgeting & Cost Management

$ 5490 /Full Package
  • Diagnosing and improvement solution presenting
  • Performance improvement consultation
  • Full Instructions, templates, and documents
  • Planning, preparation, and implementation assistance
  • Tailoring and updating the instructions and tools
  • Training program (12 hours | in-house or online)
  • 3 Months of dedicated online support & coaching (60 h)
  • 4D support

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More details and FAQs:

No. This service package is not just a training or empowering program. It is a comprehensive improvement service package, including:

  • Consultancy services: Assessment and diagnosing, consultation, and improvement solution providing.
  • Presenting tools, processes, and documents.
  • Empowering and training program.
  • Supporting and coaching program.

You can pay the price, easily and online by Visa, MasterCard  or credit cards or PayPal account.

Yes. The prices are total price and there is no additional or hidden costs to pay.

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Project Budgeting & Cost Management  AISP

Assessment & Improvement Service Package