Effective Project Management

Executive / Contractor-side


Success principles of projects and how to manage them effectively from executive and operational aspect (as a contractor or project manager) in various domains of planning, executing and monitoring and controlling in order to prevent or reduce projects problems, achieve the desired outcomes in desired frameworks (time, cost, quality), reduction of project time and cost, increase profitability, client and other stakeholders’ satisfaction and finally, project health and success ratio in an effective and practical program.


What will you get in this program?

  • By knowing knowledge areas, process groups and various processes of project management and gaining the ability to use them in your projects, you will confidently be able to manage them toward success.
  • By taking an overview of project management knowledge and knowing the root causes of project problems and challenges, you could make the right decisions about how to deploy and exploit a proper project management system in your project and organization in order to improve performance and progress of your projects.
  • You can find practical solutions for fixing your project problems and also can get efficient professional consultancies for optimal management of your genuine projects in additional coaching, supporting and consultation sessions.

CES support

This program will also be provided in CES format and has its specific facilities and supports.

  • Principles and fundamentals of project, project management knowledge and their role in business and organization.
  • Project health index from executive (contractor-side) view and diagnosing project challenges.
  • Various parameters and domains which affect project performance and success.
  • Knowledge areas, process groups, processes, tools and techniques of project management (based on PMBOK v.6) and how to manage various domains of projects (as below) practically and effectively to achieve goals and project success:
    • Integration
    • Scope
    • Schedule
    • Cost
    • Quality
    • Resources
    • Communication
    • Risk
    • Procurement
    • Stakeholder
  • Introducing an appropriate and effective project management system and implementing it in project and organization.

The program totally includes 48 hours of service as follows:

  • 24 hours of In-house or online training.
  • 8 hours Review sessions (online).
  • 1-month support:
    16 hours: 2×2 hours/week.
  • Documents: Educational pamphlets, files, complementary documents and etc.
  • Consultancy, coaching and supporting sessions (Optional and upon request).

According to the CES multi-layer empowerment:

  • Project managers, executive agents, planners, contractors, site managers, project planning and controlling experts.
  • Planners and executive agents of programs, projects and project-based organizations.
  • Senior and intermediate managers and deputy directors, clients, and owners of all kind of organizations, companies, and businesses. (especially project-based).
  • Engineers, collegians, and other project participants, interested in executive project management area.



  • PMP (Project Management Professional, PMI, USA)
  • MBA in project management
  • MBA Executive
  • BS in civil engineering
  • Diagnosis, performance improvement and development consultant, instructor and trainer of projects and project-based industries and organizations.
  • Programs and projects strategic and executive manager.
  • Independent consultant, coach, trainer and lecturer of seminars, professional workshops and training courses for public and private organizations and companies.
  • About 20 years of work experience as a project management consultant and trainer, project manager, CEO, construction contractor, engineer, and etc.

CES  :  Clinic Empowering Style


Empowering audiences to overcome challenges and improve their performance
by any condition they


  • Audience assessment and course designing according to his/her needs and demands.
  • Focusing on audience empowerment (instead of just training) and simultaneously increasing the knowledge and skills.
  • Focusing on programs efficiency by using innovative and effective methods and instruments as CES (Clinic Empowerment Style) like:
    º Multi-layer empowering: Including: Training + Review + Coaching + Counseling.
    º 4D SUPPORT: Including: Ticketing & Instant chat + Phone + Web conference + In-house.
  • After course support and advisory.
  • And many more…
  • The program would be provided in CES (Clinic Empowering Style) format and in English with the following specifications.
  • The program could be provided in two following formats:
    º Dedicated: For a specific company or individual.
    º Public: For a group of various individuals with a limited capacity (Few attendees).
  • For the convenience of the participants, the program could be provided in the following various formats and frameworks, specifically in line with the needs, requirements, timing, possibility, and other specifications of ordering organization (due to the future coordination between the parties):
    ° In-House or online (webinar format).
    Training courses could be provided in-house or online (webinar) and the review, support, and counseling sessions (as described before) are being held online in webinar format
    ° Compressed full day (8 hours or more) or normal (3 or 4 hours a day, 1 or 2 days per week).
    ° At working hours or after working hours, on work days or weekends.
  • PIDclinic programs and services usually have specific discounts, special offers, vouchers, and other payment facilities. For more information about the special offers and other programs’ details, follow the www.PIDclinic.com or directly contact the PIDclinic empowering department.
14- Courses- Investment

Investment Summary


$ 630 /Person
  • 2 months / 48 hours full program
  • Online training & review
  • Online support & troubleshooting
  • Tools & references


$ 790 /Person
  • 2 months / 48 hours full program
  • In-house training & review
  • Online support & troubleshooting
  • Tools & references


$ 2590 /Program
  • 2 months / 48 hours full program
  • Online training & review
  • Online support & troubleshooting
  • Tools & references


$ 3290 /Program
  • 2 months / 48 hours full program
  • In-house training & review
  • Online support & troubleshooting
  • Tools & references

More details and FAQs:

There is no major difference between in-house and online programs. Topics, supports, and all the program facilities are the same, as the CES style and our 4D support.

The advantages of online programs are:

  • Easy access: You will attend the sessions from your location and without a need to relocation. (Online sessions, accessible from  computer, tablet and mobile)
  • Lower price: More than 20% lower.

There is no major difference between dedicated and public programs. Topics, supports, and all the program facilities are the same, as the CES style and our 4D support.

The only differences are as follows:

Dedicated programs:

  • Will be provided for a specific organization, company, or even an individual, privately and without a minimum limitation of attendees. (even for a single person).
  • Will be provided upon request.
  • Can be provided both in-house or online.

Public programs:

  • Will be provided for a group of different individuals.
  • Will be scheduled from the PIDclinic.
  • Can be provided in-house or online. (Usually online).

You can easily reserve the program just by sending the registration form without any payment. We will contact you for scheduling, coordination and other details. The registration will be finalized after the final coordination and payment or prepayment. (Due to the specific payment facilities and based on a formal invoice, containing the program details and payment schedule, which will be issued and sent after receiving the registration form).

Yes, you can.

All the empowering programs have payment facilities that you just need to pay the prepayment and the remaining cost can be paid during the program period. (Based on the payment schedule which will be provided before the program starts).

But notice that the full payment will definitely have an extra discount which you will miss it.


All mentioned prices are excluded from the VAT, GST or any other governmental or administrative expenses and they might be added if necessary, due to the host country rules or providing time conditions.

For in-House programs, the applicant organization must prepare just a classroom with a whiteboard and a video projector.

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