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Comprehensive empowering and coaching programs in various levels and formats, in order to empower the audience in the real work and genuine projects…


Empowering e-Packages

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Project Initiation

Payment Methods in Project Procurement

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Coaching Programs

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Empowering Programs

Online or In-house  |  Public or Dedicated  |  More …

03- Services- strategic

Programs and projects leadership

Client-side, organizational and strategic level.

Efficient Project Leadership

For organizations,
clients & owners

PDS, Outsourcing, Contracts and Contractor Management

Projects Finance

and budget management

Programs and Projects Strategic Management

Programs and Projects Evaluation, Assessment and Reporting

(Organizational and strategic view)

Performance and establishment of PMO in organization

03- Services- operational

Projects executive management

Contractor-side and operational level.

Effective Project Management

For contractors

Project Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Project Risk Management

Effective Project Planning

Project Management Fundamentals

STC  Management in projects

Scope, Time (schedule) and Cost

Monitoring, controlling and reporting in projects.

(Operational view)

Projects Quality Management

Projects HR, Communication and Stakeholders Management

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