Dedicated Services

In addition to the other services and aiming to help the audiences in their ongoing activities and specific issues, we also provide professional dedicated services for a limited time, a unique subject or issue, or a specific project, upon the client’s request.

What is Dedicated Services?

The PIDclinic project management Dedicated Services include the following subjects and formats:

Direct Project Management:

Managing a specific project, as a project manager.

Recovering Critical Projects (Project Recovery):

As a project recovery manager.

Per case Consultation:

For a specific subject and demand.

Managing and Supervision Programs and Projects:

As an outsourced PMO.
(Planning, executing, supervising & reporting)

And Other Services:

Upon customer’s request.

Start easily:

Just these few easy steps you need to follow to have your work done:

STEP 1: Submit your request.

Describe the circumstance and order a proposal by sending us an RFP (RFDS form).

STEP 2: Receive our proposal and make your decision.

Considering the status, we will send you a proposal at the earliest possible time. You can review the proposal and make your final decision, based on future negotiations and agreements on conditions and details.

STEP 3: Make the contract.

After your agreement declaration, we will send you an official contract, Invoice, payment conditions, and all other related items. You just need to sign and return the contract and follow the procedure to start the work.

STEP 4: Have your work done.

We will immediately start the work, do the necessary activities and finally provide you the outputs as promised in the contract.

That’s it.


The time and fee of a dedicated service depends on many factors like:

  • Case level: Strategic and organizational or executive.
  • Project complexity.
  • Project volume, type, and other specifications.
  • And many other factors.

So the time and fee of the service can be very variable, from for example less than a week to more than several months or even years. The required time and fee will be estimated and declared in the proposal which will be provided step 2.

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