Comprehensive Assessment & Improvement

All organizations and businesses in any category and level, need to implement programs and projects for various purposes. This means that a huge amount of their resources and activities are always spent on projects.

But unfortunately, common challenges and problems always harm them and prevent them from achieving their desired benefits and targets.

Disadvantages of project’s issues:

  • Increasing projects time and cost and making them non-profitable.
  • Wasting resources.
  • Decreasing customer’s and other stakeholder’s satisfaction.
  • Losing organization credit.
  • Complex and challenging contractual and legal issues.
  • Internal and external challenges.
  • Failing to achieve desired goals and benefits.

That is why preventing or reducing these challenges and helping the projects succeed and reach their goals is definitely necessary and extremely valuable.

What is the Comprehensive Assessment & Improvement Services?

The PIDclinic Project Management Diagnosis, Assessment, Treatment, and Improvement Service is a comprehensive consultancy package which focuses on diagnosing and assessment of performance and progress of a project or an organization, especially critical and challenging projects, solving or reducing their problems, overcoming or preventing their challenges and issues, and improving their performance. It includes:

  • Diagnosing, health assessment, root-cause analysis of projects and organizations’ challenges.
  • Gap analysis and preparing status report.
  • Providing effective solutions for problems treatment, overcoming the challenges, and improving the project and organization performance.

Like our other services, this package is also provided in both client-side (strategic and organizational project delivery) and executive and operational (contractor-side) levels.

What will you exactly get in this service?

In this service package you will specifically get these following outputs which efficiently assist you to get rid of your project’s challenges:

A status report

Showing the situation the project or organization, it’s strengths and weaknesses, and the most important, the basic roots and origin of current challenges.

Treatment Solution

A practical solution, assistance and support for overcoming, reducing or preventing the challenges, including the roadmap, processes, activities, changes, and all the requirements to achieve the treatment and improvement in the project or executive organization.


Solving or decreasing the project’s internal and external issues and challenges.

Decreasing the project’s time and cost.

Increasing the productivity and benefits for the project and organization.

Increasing the programs’ and projects’ efficiency and achieving strategic goals.

Increasing customers’ and other stakeholders’ satisfaction.

Start easily:

Just these few easy steps you need to follow to have your problems solved and get rid of challenges:

STEP 1: Submit your request.

Describe the circumstance and order a proposal by sending us an RFP (RFCA form).

STEP 2: Receive our proposal and make your decision.

Considering the status, we will send you a proposal at the earliest possible time. You can review the proposal and make your final decision, based on future negotiations and agreements on conditions and details.

STEP 3: Make the contract.

After your agreement declaration, we will send you the official contract, Invoice and related documents. You just need to sign and return the contract and pay the prepayment to start the work.

STEP 4: Have your problems solved.

We will immediately start the work, do the necessary activities and finally provide you the outputs as promised in the contract.

That’s it.


The comprehensive assessment service time is variable and depends on many factors like:

  • Case level: Strategic and organizational or executive.
  • Project complexity.
  • Challenges type and affects.
  • Project volume, type, and other specifications.
  • Organization level and it’s project management maturity.
  • And many other factors.

So the time for diagnosis, assessment, treatment and improvement can be very variable, from for example 3 weeks to 8 months or even more. The required time will be estimated and declared in the proposal which will be provided step 2.

Like the time, the service fee is also depends on several parameters like case level, complexity, time and effort needed, and many other factors.

So, the service fee can be very variable, for example from less than 2,000 to more than tens of thousand (in US$). service fee will be estimated and declared in the proposal which will be provided step 2.

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