Empowering and Coaching Programs:​

Undoubtedly, the main condition for business improvement and overcoming enterprise challenges is empowering their practitioners. Each executive system, development program and etc. will fail unless being executed by capable and powerful executives. So, in addition to implementing improvement and development systems, empowering the executives in using the knowledge, tools and technics is extremely necessary and inevitable.

Aiming to improve and develop the performance of projects and organizations, we highly pay attention to empowering the owners, executives and managers of projects and organizations. So, we have defined special programs in different levels and domains and various formats.

Competitive Advantage and Differences:

The difference of our empowering programs from other training courses in this field is not only paying attention to training, but also concentrating on the efficiency of the programs and empowerment of audiences in using the lessons, practically in a real projects. This goal has led us to the adoption of the following approaches in designing and implementation of the programs:

  • Audience assessment, deep understanding of his/her needs and wants, and designing the programs according to their requirements and demands.
  • Focusing on audience empowerment (instead of just training) and simultaneously increasing the knowledge and skills by combining the theoretical training with practical work in the genuine projects and case studies.
  • Focusing on programs’ efficiency by using innovative, attractive and efficient methods and instruments in training and avoiding common and boring methods.

And the most important:

  • Supporting and coaching after the course end, in order to deepen the lessons learned and empower the audience in the real practical world.

In order to enhance the programs’ efficiency and facilitating their usage for organizations and companies, all mentioned approaches are summarized and developed as CES style (Clinic Empowerment Style) and all programs would be provided in different levels, formats and facilities which are described in the next parts.

PIDclinic Empowering Programs:

Coaching programs

Comprehensive empowering and coaching programs, in order to empower the audience in the real work and genuine projects.

Courses & Workshops

Online, offline (video) or In-house training courses and practical workshops in a specific domain, to increase the knowledge in a knowledge area.

Empowering e-Packages

Innovative combination of an e-Learning Course (training) plus a supporting program for boosting the training efficiency.

Empowering programs has been categorized into different levels and formats for different audiences as follows:

Programs’ levels:

03- Services- strategic

Client-side, Strategic and Organizational Project Delivery:

Efficient selection of programs and projects, proper definition and outsourcing of the work to contractors and leading them effectively from the position of client and owner, in order to achieve the strategic goals and benefits and creating value for the organization.

Organizations’ and companies’ top managers and owners, and all the organizational and individual participants of definition, leadership and operation of programs and projects.

03- Services- operational

Executive and Contractor-side Project Management:

Effective and optimum project executing with internal agents and resources, aiming to reduce time and cost, reduce issues and challenges, increasing customer’s satisfaction and ultimately, increase the success rate of projects in various project management knowledge areas.

Project managers, contractors, executive managers, organizations and companies, project planning and control and experts and etc.

Presentation Formats:

All mentioned programs will be provided in the following formats, based on the audiences’ needs and demand:

03- Services- Seminar

Dedicated / Public

Dedicated and private programs for a specific company or individual.

Public programs for a group of various individuals with a limited capacity.

05- Serivce Center- Request online support

In-house / Online / Offline (e-Learning)

Fully in-house, fully online or a combination of them, using remote and online facilities and communication channels like webinar, forum, ticketing, phone, training videos, and other ICT facilities.

06- About 6- History

Normal / Compressed

Normal presentation in 3-4 hours a day, 1 or 2 days per week at working hours and days. | Compressed presentation in a full day (8 hours or more), 1 or 2 days (or even more) per week, after working hours, weekends and non working days.


Programs audiences are a wide range of owners, clients, sponsors, contractors, managers, project experts (in planning, implementing, monitoring and controlling) and other participants in various project-based and even non-project-based organizations as follows, which can help them in the proper management of the work and achieve a desirable outcome.

  • Managers, clients, and owners of all kind of organizations, companies, and businesses. (especially project-based)
  • Senior Managers, deputy directors and Intermediate Managers of Organizations.
  • Planners and executive agents of programs, projects and project-based organizations.
  • Project managers, executive agents, contractors, site managers, project planning and control experts, and other project management practitioners.
  • The authorities responsible for monitoring, controlling and assessment of projects performance.
  • Projects procurement managers and experts.
  • Managers and planners of industries, factories, manufacturing and industrial companies and service organizations.
  • Engineers, collegians, and other interested in strategic and executive program and project management, project procurement and supply chain management and other related areas.

Subjects and Topics:

You can find various subjects and topics in both client-side and contractor-side levels in PIDacademy (PIDclinic Empowering and Coaching Center) and register directly and easily.

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