03- Services- CES mission

CES: Clinic Empowerment Style

Our competitive advantages, core values and mentioned approaches in audience empowering and performance improvement have summarized and developed as CES style with the following principles:


Empowering audiences to overcome challenges and improve their performance by any condition they have.


03- Services- CES

Audience assessment and dedicated course planning

Skill level evaluation, deep understanding the audience needs and demands, and preparing the structure and content of the programs in a custom manner to meet their needs, reduce problems, improve their performance and finally, help them to succeed.

03- Services- CES

Focus on empowerment (instead of just training)

The approach of improving the audience skill by simultaneously increasing the knowledge and skills and Combination of theoretical training with practical work case studies and genuine projects (especially ongoing projects by them)

03- Services- CES

Focus on programs efficiency

Using innovative, attractive and efficient methods in training, using participation, community wisdom and audience experiences, and Avoiding common and boring methods.

Multi-layer empowering

Including: Training + Review + Coaching + Counseling.


Including: Ticketing & Instant chat + Phone + Web conference + In-house.

03- Services- CES

Future support and advisory

A support program after the course end within a certain period, including review and troubleshooting sessions, support and coaching, communication channels, continuous short-term programs and the like in accordance with the subject and needs and in online or in-person format to ensure the program efficiency, resolve ambiguities and possible challenges and enhance the ability of graduates to apply the lessons learned in practical work.

03- Services- CES

Improving the scientific credibility of the programs

Utilize a reputable and competent scientific committee to plan and present programs.

03- Services- CES

Facilitate the use of programs

Utilize advanced tools and channels for facilitating the presence and use of the programs with no time and location limitation, (such as combined in-person and online programs, online streaming, attending in programs directly from anywhere through mobile, tablet, or computer), remote Q&A sessions, flexible scheduling tailored to the audience, payment facilities, and etc.