In line with our mission as solving projects problems and helping them succeed, and in order to prevent or decrease the projects problems and increase their productivity and success, our diagnosis and solution providing services are organized in the following categories:


Hourly Consultation

Dedicated online hourly consultation to the project practitioners in order to answer their short questions and instant problems in an easy, instant, and accessible manner.

Case-Diagnosing & Solution Providing Sessions

Case assessment and counseling sessions for solving a specific problem and a limited challenge of project or organization.

Assessment & Improvement Service Packages AISP

Predefined and custom service packages, for preparation assistance or diagnosing and assessment of a specific aspect of project, and providing improvement and treatment solutions.

Comprehensive Assessment & Improvement

Comprehensive diagnosis and health assessment of projects and organizations’ challenges, and providing effective solutions for treatment and performance improvement.

Service Levels:

ALL services would be provided in two following levels:

03- Services- strategic

Programs and projects leadership

Client-side, organizational and strategic project delivery.

With the approach of efficient selection of programs and projects in line with visions, goals and strategies, proper definition and outsourcing them with contractors and leading them effectively from the position of client and owner, in various domains like: programs and projects strategic management, feasibility and economic study, projects finance, delivery systems, outsourcing and managing contractors and contracts, performance assessment and other related domains in order to achieve the strategic goals and benefits and to create value for the organization.

03- Services- operational

Projects executive management

Contractor-side and operational level.

With the approach of effective and optimum project executing with internal agents and resources, aiming to reduce time and cost, reduce issues and challenges, increase customer’s satisfaction and ultimately, increase the success rate of projects, in various project management knowledge areas like triple main constraints (Scope, Time and Cost), risks, resources, procurement, contracts, contractors and suppliers, integration, human resources, communications, stakeholders, performance and progress monitor and control and other related domains.

Service Delivery Formats

Aiming to increase the services’ efficiency and also, to provide the services widely and more available for various clients, ALL services could be provided in full or combination of two following formats:


For more efficiency, all types of consultancy services at both levels could be provided at the office, site or project location of the customer (based on the situation and circumstance).

Remote (Online):

To expand the service delivery, all services (especially for case counseling) could be provided remotely, using online facilities and communication channels like virtual meeting rooms and webinars, forum, ticketing, phone, and other ICT facilities.