Diagnosis, performance improvement and development
of projects and project-based industries and organizations.


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  • Project Management Empowering Tour  Summer 2018

In the near future in Turkey,   Middle East, and New Zealand.
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  • PIDclinic services

Diagnosing and providing improvement solutions
Diagnose, health assessment, root-cause analysis of projects and organizations problems and providing effective solutions for performance improvement and development in different mentioned levels.

System implementation
Providing and implementing practical and customized PM systems in both mentioned levels with training and supporting in their implementation and operation.

Customized consultancy
Providing customized counseling, tailored to the needs and requirements of the project or organization in the following frameworks or other formats upon customer’s request.
Hourly  Per case  |  Project-based  |  Outsourced PMO (Planning, executing, supervising & reporting)

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